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The Tesla Car logo has a simple yet distinctive design that represents the company’s brand and mission.

Here is a brief overview of the history and evolution of the Tesla car logo:

  1. Original Tesla Logo (2003-2007): The first Tesla logo featured a simple, stylized representation of an electric motor. It consisted of a black oval with a silver “T” in the center, which resembled the cross-section of an electric motor. This design reflected the company’s focus on electric vehicle technology.
  2. Second Tesla Logo (2007-2020): In 2007, Tesla unveiled a revised logo. It retained the oval shape but introduced a sleeker and more modern look. The “T” in the center was redesigned to appear more like a crosshair or a stylized letter “T.” The color scheme remained black and silver.
  3. Current Tesla Logo (2020-Present): Tesla introduced its current logo in 2020. This logo is even simpler and more streamlined. It consists of the company name “Tesla” in lowercase letters, with the letters “T” and “S” connected, forming a flowing, continuous line. This logo is often used on Tesla’s electric vehicles, promotional materials, and its website.

It’s important to note that Tesla’s branding and logo have evolved over time, but the core message has remained consistent: a focus on clean, electric transportation and cutting-edge technology. The current logo’s design emphasises the idea of a seamless and continuous flow, which aligns with Tesla’s goal of advancing sustainable mobility.

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